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O teu futuro começa contigo - é a tua caminhada, é tua vida, pergunta a ti mesmo estas perguntas, elas podem ajudar-te a descobrir quem tu és e para aonde queres ir | LuoVita's Team Jose Louro
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Jose Louro
Jose Louro
LifeStyle Entrepreneur

About the Instructor

Hello & Welcome

My name is Jose Louro

I have realized something - most of us spend our lives being dissatisfied and demotivated. 

We all want to do something new, something innovative but really, most of us are very clueless about what it is. 

So, we spend most of our lives living someone else's dreams and dragging ourselves through a life without motivation and spirit.

I too was like this till the day I realized I had to do something more. 

I realized that I couldn't keep ignoring that voice inside my head.

I decided to let of everything go and Start without having a defined Future (scary idea, right? - well not the first time) 

and dedicate My Life to this Mission and Quest to Create Awareness and Resources that will help 

People Engaged like You to Reach Answers and Fulfilment through Systems 

and Live the Life that We Are All Entitled to, 

instead of living someone else's dreams and grumbling about it forever. 

This is My Mission!

Be Different,  Be Free, and Use Your Potential to the Fullest.

Let's Do It Together!


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Como saber aonde eu estou